About Us


About Us

Oklahoma Care is a non-profit organizational 501(c)3 network of Oklahoma agencies, both public and private, working together to provide quality care to troubled children and their families.  Organized in 1939, Oklahoma Care is dedicated to serving the needs of children who require placement outside their own home, either temporarily or permanently.  While providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and goals, the member agencies strive to enhance the welfare of residential care in the state of Oklahoma.

President:  Rod Phillips, OBHC

Vice President: Lisa Smith, Eckerd Connects

Secretary: Keith Howard, Circle of Care

Treasurer: Erik Stuckey, Sand Springs Home

Board Members


Association Descriptions

Member agencies provide services to a wide variety of troubled families and youth through:

  • Residential Services
  • Family Reunification
  • Foster Care 
  • Psychiatric Servies
  • Educational Servies
  • Adoption Services
  • Independent Living Skills

Child Placing & Foster Care: Katherine Craig, Anna's House Foundation

Child Placing agencies are new members to OkCARE.  This is a great addition to our organization.  While this is not a standing committee, the child placing members hold a sub-committee and report findings and needs to the OkCARE Board.

Public Policy:  

Public Policy Informs and involves members and agencies regarding public policy issues affecting children.

OCCY:  Jason Charles, Sand Springs Home

OkCARE holds a seat on the Oklahoma Commission on Children & Youth.  A representative from Oklahoma Care is chosen by the Governor every 2 years to hold this position.

Child Care AdvisoryJason Charles, Sand Springs Home

This committee is responsible for making revisions to child care licensing standards.  Oklahoma Care has standing seat on this committee.  The representative is voted on by the Oklahoma Care Board.

Membership: Bryan Larison, Lions Meadows of Hope

This committee works to welcome and encourage new membership into OCKARE.

Public Education:  

This committee assists in publishing and distributing information that will advance the future of childcare.  The oversee all updates to the website and any social media pages.

  • Vocational Training Assistance
  • Medical Services
  • Individual, Group, and Family Therapy
  • Substance Abuse Prevention